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Ortal Goldshmid, October 3, 2018

Developing through Movement

We are moving from the computer chair to our car… We’d rather make another round to find a closer parking spot. We are taking the elevator without a second thought (Does anyone know where the staircase can be found?


We improve our residence by moving to a rural area and find out we cannot manage without a car, then suddenly we realize that our daily walk sums up to a short walk with the dog…

The human body needs movement; however, the modern lifestyle is not suited for that basic need of us. We feel so good after a movement class. We feel like we got back to ourselves, as if we returned home. Have you noticed that we are walking back and forth during a phone conversation? This is not coincidental…the movement helps the fluency of the thought and speech.


Have you ever watched happy children? They jump, run, wave their hands, shout with emotion. Babies also express themselves through physical gestures, sounds, and facial expressions. They reach out their hands and later point towards what they want. They learn how to roll, crawl and walk to satisfy their curiosity…to move, reach, explore and then find out a new goal at a different place and learn again

through movement.


So how can we maintain this wonderful natural connection between movement and learning in our children’s lives, when our current lifestyle prevents us from being more active. The following lines convey insights I developed during my working years and are dedicated with love to the parents and babies making the way…

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