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Babies, Children & Adults

developing motor skills at all ages

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Babies & Children

Support your child's development with movement therapy sessions - individual & groups



Improve your posture, flexibility and  relieve pain with Feldenkrais Group classes and private lessons


Workshops & Training

Advanced Workshops for professionals - enhancing skills and gaining more professional tools to help your patients.



Movement and Early learning

A live Online course in six sessions!





Introduction to Child'Space

Buenos Aires

Child’Space Professional Training Program


The Netherlands


Advanced training for professional group guides



Ortal Goldshmid

Certified Feldenkrais

& Child'Space Practitioner

Ortal Goldshmid is a Certified Teacher and Therapist of the Feldenkrais and Child'Space Methods and holds a Bachelor of Social Work degree.

Ortal's passion for helping babies, children and adults learn to move easily despite any difficulty or limitation, originates from her own personal experience. 

Born with developmental dislocation of the hip (DDH), she was treated during her first two years of life with harness, brace and cast, until she was eventually operated.

It was only when she became acquainted with the Feldenkrais method...

Development in Motion 

Organic Learning Through Movement

for Babies, Children and Adults

Sensing . Moving . Learning 


Dear Ortal,

We met when Tamara was 1 year and 8 months old. She took the time with her motor development and I contacted you only when I noticed she wants to start walking but needs help.
…Through the whole process, the environment was one of exploring and discovering and not physiotherapy exercises…thank you for helping me stop doing things for her...We are both so thankful for meeting you. Today Tamara is running and climbing like all her friends in kindergarten! She is a happy kid!


Michal and Tamara 


Dear Ortal,

I found you when I had already scheduled a date for surgery in the lumbar spine. With your magic hands, enormous sensitivity and professionalism, my pain was gone as well as the need for surgery.

Now I am back to my active life style which is so significant to my physical and mental well being.

I deeply thank you for every moment of therapy, your encouraging words and especially for the results.

Tova Brenner

 Senior Pediatric Nurse

Advanced Training

Clear, well-structured and compassionate teaching...I can’t recommend this course highly enough if you work with parent and baby groups or if you are looking for new ideas in your individual work with babies.”


Sabine Blackaby Schmid, Senior Feldenkrais and Child’Space practitioner

The training gave me a lot of practical ideas and made me believe in myself.
you are not only a wonderful teacher, you are an inspiring woman!

Didy Padberg, Kindergarten teacher & educator

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