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Parent-baby Child'Space groups

Ortal is a treasure, full of Knowledge and experience.
Every lesson She comes up with a new song and new ideas to play. She is teaching us parents how to hug our babies physically and metaphorically in innovative and various ways. She pays attention to each one of the babies in the group and one can easily notice how well they are developing and blooming.

We participated in Ortal’s group classes from the age of 2 months until 8 months. In each moment we felt in good hands; skilled, patient, loving hands.

What makes Ortal a rare treasure is her compassionate ability to listen and support the parents. As a new mother, each encouraging word is well appreciated and needed to build confidence in your Motherhood. This is the greatest gift I have received as a mother (right after my baby-girl)

Shaked Gurfinkel – Cohen
Senior Pilates Teacher

Advanced Training

...The learning is at a high standard and the wonderful atmosphere supports each and every student.

 Doreen Bassiner, Senior Feldenkrais & Child'Space practitioner

The workshop deepened my understanding of the Child’Space method and will help me draw parents into the sessions.

Lilo Fromm, Senior Feldenkrais and Child’Space practitioner

Feldenkrais individual sessions

Dear Ortal,

Thank you for your attentive, healing treatments. In gentle precise hands, you re-organize my body. Each time I am amazed to find out how powerful and efficient is a session that feels so nice and gentle. Bless you.

Zohar Shuval, Stylist 

Child'Space Individual sessions

Dear Ortal

Thank you for your sympathetic ear and professional support. Thank you for giving my child a successful experience.

We met when Yoav was 2 months old, as I chose to participate in your Child’Space group. It didn’t take me long to know I want your one on one guidance for my son and for myself. I could feel your sense of mission, professionalism, and love of human beings.
…Today Yoav is 6 months old, he is belly crawling with ease and joy even though some professionals were sceptical. You helped him make more sounds, he is communicating better and playing joyfully.

You can tell he knows you and loves the sessions by the way he is smiling to you and placing his head on your lap.
Thank you for everything you are doing for us.

Carmela Kaner, spokesperson of the Israeli Education Ministery

Individual Child'Space sessions

We have recently been to private sessions with Amazing Ortal

My son, 7 months old, who has high muscle tone, used to be in “airplane-position” most of his floor time, arching his back. I contacted Ortal when I saw how frustrated he was, trying to move forward but going back to his habit.

Ortal was attentive and professional with her magic hands.

3 sessions and my baby started crawling, he is happy and the airplane habit is almost gone completely.

Thank you so much Ortal, Keep on spreading your magic on others!

Gali Sharabani, Graphic Designer‎‏

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