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Advanced training for Child'Space group​ guides 


A training program for practitioners who want to become group specialists, to broaden and deepen their professional knowledge and experience.


Ortal's sound knowledge and experience led her to establish, together with her colleague Hila-Or Gofer, an advanced training program for guides of parent-baby groups and developmental movement classes at kindergartens. Chava Shelhav, founder and international director of the Child'Space Method, gave her blessing to this program, which is taught successfully in The Netherlands and Israel.

What will I gain from the program?

• You will learn 30 essential group lessons that every parent should be taught for his baby’s first year.
• You will improve your group teaching skills and gain confidence for starting your own groups.
• You will learn from live demos and videos of group lessons.
• You will enrich your knowledge about stage-appropriate sensorimotor activities and play.

Some of the topics 

• Creating enjoyable tummy time
• Relief of colic symptoms and gas pains
• Developing free movement in joints
• Using a baby carrier
• Developing the ability to lie comfortably on both sides
• Midline awareness and crossing midline
• Exposure to different textures
• Developing and improving balance abilities and all developmental milestones

About the teachers

Hila-or Gofer and Ortal Goldshmid are both Child’Space practitioners since 2004, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Teachers and assistants in Child’Space training programs in Israel since 2010. Both have extensive experience in leading Child’Space groups for parents and babies. In addition, they maintain private clinics in Israel and treat babies with developmental difficulties and disabilities. Both teach Child’Space classes for toddlers at daycare centers and kindergartens. This training has been performed 5 times in Israel with great success. Practitioners are using the lessons learned in the program, and the feedback has been extremely positive.


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