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First time in Scandinavia!

Introduction to Child'Space Course in Oslo, Norway

with Ortal Goldshmid & Sabine Schmid Blackaby




Participants talk about the course:

"Thank you so much for your excellent course! It was so inspiring to me, and I used my new knowledge immediately in my work"

"I really enjoyed the three days in Oslo, you presented it clearly and also gently and with warmth, introducing different circumstances and practical solutions"

Exploring typical and non-typical infant development


3-day course including Theoretical and Practical aspects, Live Demonstrations with babies, Developmental movement lessons for the students, Hands-on practice,

Questions and Answers.


Workshop agenda

First day

Typical Development 
Rolling as the foundation for balance

Second Day

Special needs

Cerebral Palsy and other neurological challenges

Third day

Baby and Parent groups
Transitions in movement and in Life


For Feldenkrais teachers who would like to work with babies and children and for Professionals working within schools, kindergartens, rehabilitation and educational-psychological services who would like to explore a different approach.


Please contact the organizer: Astrid Årdal
97 11 28 68

Location: Sagene IF klubbhus
 Stavangergata 32, 0467 Oslo 

Hrs: 10:00-16:00 every day

Price: NOK 3400

We look forward to seeing you

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