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The Child'Space Method

“Early detection and intervention through contact and movement, create a change in self-image, behavior and wellness in every moment of our daily lives.” Dr. Chava Shelhav


The Child’Space Method was invented by Dr Chava Shelhav, who was a student and assistant of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. She was a member of the first group of students trained personally by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, worked with him for many years and assisted him in Feldenkrais programs worldwide.  She was a co-author of Feldenkrais’s book: The Elusive Obvious.

Dr. Shelhav achieved distinction through her work with infants and children, especially disabled ones. During the last 40 years, she trained thousands of students and witnessed the growing need and interest of working with babies and developed “Child’Space – The Chava Shelhav method”—a unique Method of Developmental coaching that applies the Feldenkrais theory while working with babies and their caregivers.


Dr. Chava Shelhav with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais

Her PhD and thesis led to her book “Movement as a model of learning”. Her MA degree is based on her work with children with Cerebral Palsy and her master’s thesis, “Working with Brain Damaged Children Using the Feldenkrais Method,” was published in 1989.

More of her books are: “Child Space-An Integrated Approach to Infant Development Based On the Feldenkrais Method” and “A guide to awareness through movement”.

Since 2002 she has been training practitioners and therapists in the Child’Space method in Israel, USA, Japan, Netherland, Russia, Austria and Argentina.

Ortal met Chava Shelhav after her first daughter was born. She has been her student and assistant for many years. Chava Shelhav selected Ortal to teach at certification trainings in Israel, Argentina, Europe and Japan.

“For a baby, learning transitions between positions is as important as being stable in one position such as sitting. Mastering transitions gives babies the ability to choose their environment and to direct their own learning” Dr. Chava Shelhav

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